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TWGGS Sixth Form

“Many students choose to stay on into the sixth form. This is because they value the school’s promotion of academic excellence and the support it provides for their higher education aspirations. Neither in this, nor in any other respect, are they disappointed. Rates of progress to high levels of academic achievement at A level are exceptionally good, and nearly all students secure the university place of their choice." OFSTED

Welcome to TWGGS Sixth Form. Our two year programme offers pupils an exceptional A level education, preparing them for both academic success and for their future life at university and in the career of their choice. Academic life continues to be enriched by a wealth of experiences and opportunities beyond the classroom, ranging from participating in clubs and activities as Sixth Form leaders, to taking on more formal responsibilities as part of the Senior Prefect team.

Sixth form pupils enjoy the freedom that comes with their own dedicated Sixth Form common rooms and IT suite, allowing them space to study and socialise, and to develop an identity as the senior members of the school community.

We welcome applications to our Sixth Form from candidates who have studied for their GCSEs at TWGGS and elsewhere. For all those considering A levels, we encourage them to choose subjects that they enjoy and that they have particular strengths in, while considering the long-term implications of their chosen subject combination. In the Sixth Form, it is usual for pupils to take either three or four A levels, together with an AS, EPQ or a Gold Arts Award.

For further information on studies in the Sixth Form, please see our Sixth Form options booklet and curriculum information on this website by following the links below:

Watch our Sixth Form Virtual Tour

Welcome to our virtual tour of TWGGS for prospective Sixth Form pupils, given by our Head Girl Team. 

Pastoral and Careers Support in the Sixth Form

While life in the Sixth Form brings with it the pleasures of new freedoms (no uniform and a changed relationship with staff) and increased responsibilities, it is also a demanding two years in which pupils must decide on the direction of their immediate and long-term futures.

To ensure as smooth a journey as possible, pupils have a Form Tutor to support them through their A level studies, and offer guidance and support, with additional help available through the Director of Achievement and the Sixth Form Careers Coordinator. Pupils both receive, and are encouraged to seek out, comprehensive information and assistance on future career aspirations, university choices, apprenticeship and job opportunities, and UCAS applications.

The Wider Curriculum

As senior members of a school community of over 1,000 pupils, the highest standards are expected of the TWGGS Sixth Formers, and it is through their own extra-curricular activities and support of staff and younger girls alike that they demonstrate their ability to meet this challenge daily. The Sixth Form years also showcase the pupils’ development of a sense of wider personal responsibility to society, highlighted, for example, by their commitment to volunteering and support of charitable fund raising activities.

There is a team of 40 senior prefects led by the Head Girl and two Deputy Head Girls. These are prestigious positions elected both by the Sixth Form student body and staff. Responsibilities are varied but include key presentations on such occasions as open evenings and Year 11 options evening.

Read about the Head Girl Team

Sixth Formers can continue with opportunities such as Duke of Edinburgh Awards and CCF.

Additionally, they are instrumental in the successful running of a range of clubs for girls lower down the school, encompassing Sport, Music, Art and Drama.

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