Sexual Harassment and Consent

Ofsted conducted a review of sexual abuse in schools and colleges which was published in June 2021.

Nationally collected statistics show that there has been a sharp increase in reporting of child sexual abuse to the police in recent years. Figures that include all child sexual abuse cases show that the police recorded over 83,000 child sexual abuse offences (including obscene publications) in the year ending March 2020.  This is an increase of approximately 267% since 2013. Research estimates indicate that approximately one quarter of cases of all child sexual abuse involve a perpetrator under the age of 18

Although anyone can experience sexual harassment and violence, research indicates that girls are disproportionately affected. For example, 90% of recorded offences of rape in 2018–19 of 13- to 15-year-olds were committed against girls. In the past year, girls aged between 15 and 17 reported the highest annual rates of sexual abuse for young people and children aged 25 and younger.

In 2016, the Women and Equalities Select Committee highlighted a number of surveys reporting that girls were experiencing high levels of sexual harassment and sexual violence, including online, in schools and colleges.


What are we doing at TWGGS?

  • There have been assemblies recorded and delivered in form groups, to highlight the importance of these issues. PSHE sessions have been planned with consent, personal safety, pornography, online and mental wellbeing sessions allocated to Years 10, 11, L6 & U6. PSHE really is vitally important and should not be missed by a pupil or given over to anything that does not constitute our pupils learning how to navigate the world around them. 
  • We have drawn up a TWGGS Sexual Harassment Charter which has gone to all KS4 & KS5 pupils following their assemblies. 
  • We have ‘Tell Bob’ - an email address ( where pupils can report instances of sexual harassment or assault. 
  • We have set up a working party with our Head Girl Team and the Head Boy Team at Skinners’ who are meeting monthly to discuss issues for both schools and work collaboratively on ideas to combat sexual harassment and peer on peer abuse.
  • We have a Skinners' Charter which has been proposed which details where pupils can go for support and help and this has gone to all of KS5 following the sexual harassment assembly on 19 October.
  • We have a Police Liaison Officer who works closely with us and has already assisted in several cases being brought to the police.  She is a regular visitor to TWGGS now and has a weekly meeting with the DSL, alongside meeting pupils, and we are hoping to ‘normalise’ her presence.


Skinners' Charter TWGGS Sexual Harassment Charter Letter to parents about sexual harassment and how to find help (shared with all Key Stage 4 and Key Stage 5 pupils)Tell Bob poster - on the back of every toilet door KS3 Sexual Harassment, Safety and Consent Assembly KS4 Sexual Harassment, Safety and Consent Assembly KS5 Sexual Harassment, Safety and Consent Assembly CPD for staff September 2021 CPD for staff November 2021

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