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Ethos and Values

The motto of our school has long been ‘Give your best’ and it is an approach that we encourage our pupils to take in everything that they do. We believe our environment of mutual respect affords every member of the TWGGS community the confidence to achieve her full potential in all aspects of school life. Our approaches to teaching and learning support the individual needs of pupils, while we are sensitive and responsive to the wellbeing of every child.

Working together towards high standards is part of the school ethos and values, and we balance these high expectations with warmth and support. The wellbeing of all is at the heart of our approach, allowing pupils to feel respected, included, secure and, above all, happy. With happiness comes the self-confidence to strive and achieve, both academically and personally. Achievements and contributions are valued and celebrated in all areas, both in and out of school, encouraging our pupils to success in public examinations, sports, and artistic, cultural and community pursuits. We believe that parents and carers are key partners in nurturing our pupils and aiming for this success.

Throughout their time at TWGGS we prepare young people for life beyond school, equipping them with the skills to become self-assured, engaged and responsible members of society, in a challenging and competitive world. By participating in our extensive programme of enrichment beyond the classroom, each pupil is encouraged to enjoy the pleasure and rewards which come from the activities themselves and from the sense of community that they engender. They are supported and encouraged in their ambitions and are given clear guidance on how to reach them. By embracing the wealth of opportunities offered to them, TWGGS pupils learn an abundance of skills, from meeting new people or learning a different skill, to leadership and enterprise.

Giving your best underpins our ethos and values at every turn, helping to create a richness of experience that is not only created for our pupils but also sustained by them.

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