Reporting an absence

If a pupil is ill, please telephone the school number, or email between 8am and 10am on the day of absence. Before 8am a message can be left on the school absence extension. If the absence is likely to be extended, please advise the school in writing. The school receptionist may telephone to check on any pupils absent where we have not been notified. Medical and dental appointments should be made out of school hours. If this cannot be arranged, please advise the school of the appointment at least two days in advance and write a signed note in their planner. Pupils leaving school for medical appointments must sign out and back in again at Reception. Pupils are expected to catch up on all work and homework missed through absence, usually within one week of returning to school.

Absence Notes

When pupils return to school after absence, they should bring their Form Tutor a note in their planner or a written note signed by a parent/carer.

Doctors' Certificates

These are required giving clearance after certain illnesses.

Family Holidays

Holidays must be taken in school holiday time. We do not authorise absence during term time as this clearly has a major impact on pupils’ learning. If it is unavoidable, a letter should be sent to the Headteacher, requesting permission well in advance and the absence will be recorded as unauthorised in all but exceptional circumstances.

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