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The Head Girl Team offers you a warm welcome to TWGGS.

TWGGS is one of a kind with its unified and welcoming strong community ethos. From your first day as a Year 7 pupil, you enter a compassionate school society that you quickly become proud of. With the nurturing and passionate nature of teachers and pastoral support staff, our school provides an environment for every girl to thrive both socially and academically. The key to such community spirit is not just the famous tartan skirt, but also the school productions, sports days, Duke of Edinburgh, various clubs and student-led societies, field trips and charitable fundraisers which encourage whole school collaboration. As the Head Girl Team, we are delighted to represent this vibrant and caring community.

Since its foundation in 1905, TWGGS has undergone many changes, but at our core, the motto - ‘give your best’- remains prevalent. This not only leads to an exceptional academic record, but endless extra-curricular successes, including music concerts, international debating competitions, sports teams and the UK’s largest all-female cadet contingent. The creative, curious and confident minds of TWGGS girls are not only stimulated in the classroom, but extended on trips abroad with the opportunity to immerse themselves in different cultures outside of the local area. These trips span from exchanges to France, Spain, Germany and India, to a community engagement trip to Ghana and Bolivia. 

We are extremely proud to represent our school, collaborating with staff, parents and pupils to make TWGGS the best possible environment for learning and personal development. The Head Girl Team aims to maintain the TWGGS ethos for the next generation of TWGGS pupils as well as tackling important global issues. Our focuses this year are starting the journey to ensure that students continue to feel respected and included within the school community and raising awareness about areas of prejudice, such as gender and systemic racism, recognising that not tolerating racism is not the same as being actively anti-racist. Additionally, we strive to further the reach of the support system the school provides for mental health, as well as breaking down the surrounding stigmas with the support of all the school prefects.

Katy, Eleanor, Madeleine

Head Girl Team 2020-21

How Prefects Support the School

Year 12 students with ambitions to represent TWGGS go through an application process to obtain a Senior Prefect role. Following a written application and a teacher-student vote, 32 girls are allocated a prefect role each year according to their strengths. Around 7-10 girls are selected to interview for the position of Head Girl: 2 girls will then be appointed Deputy Head Girl, and one Head Girl.

The Head Girl Team has the unique role of acting as a bridge between staff members and sixth form pupils. As well as representing the school, the Head Girl Team read notices and passages in assemblies, give speeches on open days, assist the headteacher and leadership team in any way required, and most importantly act as role models to younger pupils. They are assisted by the Senior Officers to achieve the smooth and efficient running of the prefect system.

The School Council Prefects help to run the council, which is made up of girls from all years, and meets monthly to discuss topics of interest to TWGGS girls. This encompasses practical issues, for example recycling and school meals, as well as broader social concerns, such as social media and mental health. We have recently introduced ‘Phone Free Friday’, on which girls are encouraged to participate in clubs and form activities. This year, one of our key aims is to tackle stress and anxiety around the exam season.

Music, art, drama and sport are subject-specific prefect roles available to the most enthusiastic and committed girls to these departments. Their assistance proves invaluable to the functioning of each department; for example, the music prefects help to run school concerts and extra-curricular chamber groups and choirs, while sports prefects help to lead lunchtime clubs, organise school teams and help to run sports day.

Current Head Girl Team and Senior Prefects 2020-2021

Position Pupils
Head Girl Katy T
Deputy Head Girl

Eleanor C

Madeleine L-R

Senior Officers

Isabelle B

Bethan C

Darcy C-S

Hannah G

Isabel J

Evie P

Naomi R

Mia S

Hannah S

Holly S

Sixth Form Prefects

Poppy G

Lucy L

Lily Z
Key Stage 3 Prefects

Anna S

Sammy S

Bethany T
Key Stage 4 Prefects

Rachel M

Lauren G
Charities Prefects

Sasha D

Sofia S

Lara J

Maya SF
Sports Prefects

Lucy W

Rosie F

Alice W
Environment Prefect

Imogen T

Olivia B
School Council and PTA Prefect

Daisy B

Mimi H

Laura M
Careers Prefect

Amy J

Scarlett B
Music Prefect

Anna C

Annie C
Drama Prefect

Shreya L

Antonia F-W
Art Prefect Zoe O
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