Adjusting to life after the pandemic and the consequences of learning at home is extremely challenging for everyone, particularly in terms of ensuring that we all stay healthy mentally. This has continued to be a priority for us, as we live through these uncertain times. At TWGGS we regularly post information for all pupils on the Google Drive Key Stage Wellbeing Classroom areas, with helpful hints on how to stay healthy, manage workload, mental health and signposts to other resources, alongside have dedicated PSHE sessions, registrations and assemblies focusing on positive mental health.  
Many parents and children receive support for emotional wellbeing via their GPs and schools. As these services may not appear to be as visible during this pandemic, The Kent Transformation Board, together with the NHS, is keen to spread the word that they are still “Here For You” and are still providing all kinds of emotional support and mental health services at this time, with some adjustments due to Government guidance.
Posts on Google Drive offer reminders to pupils of the things they can do to look after their own mental health, and also crucially signpost the support that is available to pupils and parents if they need it.  We employ two counsellors to work at the school, one of which is a CBT specialist and we also have a Pastoral Support area where pupils can go and seek advice, support and guidance on a range of issues from workload to friendships.  
General wellbeing support and practical advice can be found on The Mental Health Foundation website mentalhealth.org.uk as well as lots of information specifically designed to help to look after your mental health during the pandemic.
Please do encourage your child to get in touch with us if they have any worries or concerns. We are here for them -  pastoralsupport@twggs.kent.sch.uk
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