Year 7 admissions

TWGGS is a highly successful selective grammar school for girls from Year 7 to Upper Sixth, with entry at Year 7, In-Year and for Sixth Form.

As a grammar school, TWGGS can only consider applicants who have been assessed as suitable for selective education by the Kent PESE 11+ test, which takes place in the Autumn of 2019.  Parents must register their child for the Kent 11+ Test during June 2019, in order to be able to sit these tests. Registration can be done online using the following link:

Year 7 2019 Allocation of places

The School’s Published Admissions Number for Year 7 entry, September 2019 was 145. On 1st March the Governors offered 145 places, in accordance with the school’s Over-Subscription Criteria, as follows:


  1. LAC – 0 places
  2. Pupil Premium – 0 places
  3. Sibling within parish – 15
  4. Health & Special Access – 0 places
  5. Resident within parish – 116
  6. Governors places – 2 on score and 12 on distance

Distance places were offered under Criteria 1-5 to a distance of 9.98 miles, all within the parishes TWGGS give priority to.

Governor places were offered to applicants scoring a combined score in access of 364 or a distance to 18.4 miles


Any places that were declined throughout the allocation process were re-offered by Governors in accordance with the school’s Over-Subscription Criteria to a further distance of 20.8 miles.


TWGGS had 30 appeals lodged for entry to Year 7, of which 30 were heard (all appeals lodged were for H assessed children). The Independent Appeals Panel upheld 9 appeals.

The School will offer any further declined places from its waiting list, in accordance with its oversubscription criteria, as and if they become available.

Final accepted intake for September: 149

  • 116 were in-area and within 3 miles                 
  • 14 in-area between 3 miles and 9.17 miles
  • 19 were out of area – 11.4 to 21.98 miles

Parents whose daughters have been offered a place in Year 7 for September will be sent an Admissions Information Booklet in May, including details regarding the Induction Evening on Tuesday 25th June and Induction Day on Thursday 4th July. In addition to this, all future pupils will be visited in their primary school by a member of TWGGS staff. We hope these events will help pupils to look forward to the first day of term on Wednesday 4th September.

All Admissions enquiries can be made to Mrs Stewart-Smith, Head of Admissions, on 01892 520902 or by email:

Appeal information is available here.

Admissions Policy 2019-2020

Appeals Procedure 2018-2019

Information about Year 7 September 2020 Entry

Following a 6 week consultation period, the Governors have now determined the arrangements for the school’s Admission Criteria for entry in September 2020, available to download below. Please note this has changed significantly in how we prioritise applications on distance from previous years:

The list of parishes that are given priority to in Criterion 5 of the school Admissions Arrangements for September 2020 entry has now been extended to include Brenchley, Capel, East Peckham, Horsmonden, Lamberhurst, Paddock Wood and Ide Hill. In addition to this, applicants living within a 4 mile radius of the school, including those falling within this distance in East Sussex, will also be included in the area the school gives priority to.

Admissions Policy 2020-2021

How to Apply

All applications for Year 7 for September admission to TWGGS are made as detailed in the Local Authority Co-ordinated Admissions Scheme and administered by Kent County Council. Please follow the link to the KCC Secondary admissions booklet where you will also find the Secondary Common Application Form (SCAF). When completing the SCAF you will need to note the LA number: 886 and the school DFE number: 4043.

KCC Secondary Admissions Booklet

All Year 7 applications to the school must be made on this form and submitted to the Local Authority (not the school). In addition, TWGGS requires a Supplementary Information Form (SIF) to be completed if an application is being made for a Pupil Premium place. N.B. this is only required from applicants who are eligible for and wish to apply for a Pupil Premium place.  Please be aware the SIF alone does not constitute an application.

For entry to Year 7, all applicants must complete their Local Authority Secondary Common Application Form (SCAF).

TWGGS Supplementary Information form (SIF)

Moving Academic Year

Tunbridge Wells Girls’ Grammar School will admit students into the appropriate academic year upon entry to the school.    Pupils will not change academic year once they have joined unless there is extenuating medical evidence which would require this.   Evidence would need to be provided by a suitability qualified professional and indicate that the pupil remaining in their current academic year group would have a serious and measurable impact on the health of that individual.


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