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The library is designed to provide our pupils with a quiet, comfortable and engaging environment suitable for effective study or independent reading. Spread over three floors, the library has a designated mezzanine area for silent Sixth Form study, as well as a computer room with printing facilities, and an area to relax and read the newspaper.

With over 16,000 books in our collection, we have a wide range of non-fiction resources as well as a comprehensive fiction library containing popular young adult and adult fiction, alongside literary and contemporary classics.

To support wider reading and A Level study we subscribe to a number of magazines, including publications in French, German and Spanish, as well as JSTOR, the online archive of journals, ebooks and primary sources.

Book groups are run throughout the year, starting with the Page Turners Book Award from September to March and closely followed by the Carnegie Medal from April to June. These groups are designed to promote reading for pleasure and are an ideal place for book lovers and reluctant readers alike to come together to read, share, discuss and debate the chosen titles. Each reading cycle ends with a special celebration with readers from other local schools. Please visit the Page Turners website to find out more about the group and discover what our guest authors have to say about the award!

Visit the Page Turners Award website

Whether you would like to catch up on the classics, listen to the latest contemporary fiction or relax with a magazine, there are also thousands of free ebooks, audiobooks and other resources available for you to download from home.

The library is open 8:30am – 4pm and the librarian is available during these times to help with research, answer enquiries or recommend a great read!

Online Reading Resources
Don't forget we also have reading lists for every year group, if you would like some suggestions for what to read next next. You can find them by clicking on the tabs below:

Suggested Reading Lists

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