Pupil Tracking and Assessment

Assessment of pupils’ work at TWGGS puts our pupils first, in a system that is designed to engage them in the assessment process and help them understand how to progress and improve their own learning. Assessments are both formative and summative in nature, evaluating outcomes and giving targets for improvement, in order to gain a rounded understanding of pupil attainment. From the start of Year 7, all pupils are assessed on the GCSE grading scale of 9-1 throughout Key Stage 3, allowing them to become thoroughly familiar with the grade criteria before embarking upon their GCSE courses in Year 10. 

While each subject has a number of specific criteria under which they assess a pupil, there is a common understanding of the grading system across the whole school. We carefully devise assessments within each department that match all abilities and foster self-esteem, while stretching and challenging pupils to achieve the very best outcomes. Self and peer-assessment is encouraged in all subjects.  Once key assessments have taken place, we ensure that Dedicated Feedback Time (DFT) is completed; DFT lies at the heart of all assessment at TWGGS, as through structured and planned feedback pupils can make significant strides in their learning, progress and attainment.

Our communication with parents is clear, regular and consistent, aiming to encourage confidence in the school assessment policy and encouraging a partnership.

Please click on the links below for further information on Pupil Tracking and Assessment, including how Attitudes to Learning are graded: 

Attitudes to Learning at TWGGS

Attitudes to Learning are awarded as part of the main reporting cycle through Interim Grades in the Autumn Term, the yearly written report, end of year grades for Year 7 and 8, and grade sheets in the Upper Sixth.  These descriptors will match many of the attitudes to learning that your child displays at school for each subject. 


Punctual, properly equipped, enthusiastic, engaged and courteous.  Meets deadlines. Ambitious, independent and makes outstanding contributions. Inspires others.  Readily approaches or seeks new challenges with enthusiasm.


Punctual, properly equipped, interested, engaged and courteous.  Meets deadlines. Involved, thoughtful and makes relevant contributions.  Willing to tackle new challenges


Usually punctual and properly equipped.  Focus and engagement need improvement.  More involvement and an improvement in consistency and quality of work would bring about greater progress in learning.  Needs to show more resilience when faced with new challenges.


Can be late; often not prepared to learn.  Easily distracted and can be distracting to others.  Deadlines may be missed and the quality of work is often below the standard expected.  Often unwilling to tackle challenging material.

Video Introduction to Pupil Tracking and Assessment at TWGGS

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