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TWGGS Fund is a charity that supports the school in a variety of ways. Its aim is to ensure every pupil is able to fulfil the school motto to ‘Give Your Best’. From financing extra-curricular activities that develop new interests and friendships, to contributing to the development of the school buildings, the Fund benefits every pupil and allows for equality of opportunity.

Improvement to School Facilities

There has long been a tradition of financial support from parents that has allowed us to improve and expand the school facilities.  The generosity of previous families enabled us to build the Performing Arts Centre, the Sixth Form block (the Hazell Building), and most recently our wonderful new Sports Hall.  TWGGS Fund has made significant contributions to these projects, the legacy of which continue to benefit our current pupils.

Extra-Curricular Activities

The wealth of extra-curricular opportunities offered to TWGGS pupils enrich their school experience. TWGGS Fund enables pupils to not only participate in activities within school, but also to attend competitions, fixtures and participate in concerts. For example:

  • In PE, the Fund pays for competition fees, the affiliation to many sports organisations, and contributes to referee and coaching costs. It also covers the cost of transport to and from fixtures, including the running costs and repairs of the school minibuses.
  • In Music, the Fund helps to pay for the provision of vocal and instrument coaching for a variety of chamber groups and for competition entries. It pays for the hire of venues, accompanists, sheet music and scores required for our concerts, and licences where required.
  • In Drama, the Fund subsidises the costs of the school’s drama productions and the adjudication of our drama festivals, whilst in English, it helps fund the pupils who take part in a number of high profile debating competitions.
  • The Fund supports the costs of running school clubs such as Maths Puzzle Club and Science Club.

Equality of Opportunity

TWGGS Fund also finances the Southfield Fund, a confidential fund administered by the Headteacher. It is designed to help and support any pupil who faces financial barriers to participation in their education, such as the cost of educational school trips, language exchanges and field work, music lessons, the Duke of Edinburgh Scheme, school books, uniform and equipment. The fund never runs dry, thanks to the generosity of many parents/carers who donate regularly to TWGGS Fund.

In order to continue to provide these vital, enriching elements to school life, we ask parents to contribute monthly. The current requested donation is a minimum of £20 a month, but the enclosed standing order form affords the opportunity to contribute an alternative amount. If you would prefer to pay an annual amount, please contact the School Fund Manager at

Should you prefer not to make a donation, please send in a brief note to this effect to and you will not then be asked for a contribution.

Please Note: ‘TWGGS Fund’ is a registered charity so we are able to reclaim any basic rate taxpaid on your contribution. Please sign the Gift Aid Declaration form and complete the Gift Aid Declaration if you are a UK taxpayer. If you are not a UK taxpayer, could you please indicate on this form when you return the mandate.

Thank you very much for your support.

TWGGS Fund Trustees

TWGGS Fund Standing Order Form TWGGS Fund Gift Aid Declaration

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