Years 10 and 11 County Hockey Tournament

Years 10 and 11 County Hockey Tournament

14th Sep 2021

After an impressive performance at their Kent County Tournament, TWGGS Years 10 & 11 hockey team were delighted to be named as the first reserve team for the regional tournament. Their tournament report is below:

TWGGS Year 10 and 11 hockey team went off to play in the Kent County tournament at Sevenoaks on Tuesday 14th September. We were very anxious to play as we’d only played to match standard against one team prior to the competition, which we unfortunately lost. We arrived at Sevenoaks and managed to fit in a lengthy warm up and tactic talk in order to play more strategically from the start. The first round was a round robin - meaning there were four teams that all played each other and the top two went through to the next round. We came second out of the four, beating one team, drawing with another and losing (not by much) to Sevenoaks, with the help of some great saves from our goal keeper. This was a great outcome as we’d anticipated to be back by lunch! 

After the first round, to secure a place in the semis, we had to play a fourth match against Cranbrook. This match was the most tense as it ended in a draw so we had to go to penalty flicks, which we’d never practiced. However, we beat Cranbrook with some very strong penalty flicks and got through to the next round. 

In the final round we had to play TGGS and Sevenoaks in a fight for the top two teams to go to the regional tournament. As expected, we were all nervous at this time, but we were also very proud of our achievements throughout the day. 

We came third out of the three, however we are the first reserve team for the regional tournament, so hopefully we’ll get a chance! We started out less confident playing together but by the end of the day we were working and communicating so much better as a team; we all came back smiling. Many thanks to Mrs Scovell and Miss Withers for taking us, we all had a great time.

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