Wonderful Creative Writing Winners!

2nd Jul 2020

Huge congratulations to four writers from TWGGS who have achieved outstanding success in renowned writer Nicola Morgan's recent 'Antiviral Writing Competition', winning four of the available seven prizes. Furthermore, in recognition of this success and the high standard of writing in the entries submitted by our pupils, TWGGS was one of the two overall winning schools.

Pupils were invited to enter Nicola's competition, choosing from one of five inspirational categories as the prompt for their writing. More details about the competition can be found here. In the younger 11-14 category, Holly (12) and Caitlin (14) were joint winners, for their "perfect examples of the short story form", while Mahzabin (13) was highly commended for her "beautiful and powerful" letter.

In the older age category (15-18), Sixth-Former Sammy was a very deserving runner-up with her "lyrical, gentle, thoughtful" poem.

Further comments and details about the works can be found on Nicola's website.

For those who entered, the competition was a brilliant way to help beat the stress of lockdown by sharing their experiences and emotions of this incredible time in a creative way. Entries ranged from posters to poems, diary entries to stories, and Nicola Morgan was very impressed! She told us that "the overall standard of [our] entries was quite extraordinary. I was very, very impressed and delighted to read them."

Please click on the links below to read the winning works of our writers:

Love in the time of Corona - by Holly

Small Kindnesses - by Caitlin

My Letter of Hope - by Mahzabin For you - by Sammy

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