Mission Discovery UPDATE!

Mission Discovery UPDATE!

30th Jan 2020

We have an exciting update to our 'Mission Discovery' story that we brought to you on 20th June last year. The winning experiment, devised by a team of students from TWGGS and Tonbridge School, has its launch date!

On 1st March Space X, CRS 20 is scheduled to blast off to the International Space Station. Aboard will be a module containing 7 ISSET experiments that have been devised by young people from around the world.

Our winning team's experiment is an investigation into whether yeast (the saccharomyces cerevisiae species of yeast) can successfully sexually reproduce under the stress of micro-gravity. In this investigation yeast is being used as a model organism for human cell biology. The S. cerevisiae is being used as a representation of sexual reproduction and the experiment may offer key insights into the effects of exposure to microgravity and radiation in spaceflight on reproduction.

The students took part in one of ISSET’s Mission Discovery programmes; ISSET brought astronauts Michael Foale and Steve Swanson to the UK to lead the programme. Both astronauts have been Commanders of the International Space Station.

To find out more about the experiments and Mission Discovery visit: www.isset.org/mission_discovery

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