Tate Take Two!

Tate Take Two!

5th Oct 2022

Revisiting the Tate Britain, this time accompanied by our creatively diverse A-Level artists, the Art department explored the rich permanent collections as well as returning to the Cornelia Parker and Hew Locke exhibits. The day and the artworks provided many opportunities to develop new and revealing insights and strike up conversations around intriguing concepts that had been grown by individual pupils over the span of their A-Level course so far. Wonder and awe at experiencing a Rothko up close, and being able to lean in to try and  examine the abstract beauty of the brush marks of a Turner sky, allowed pupils to make personal connections to artworks they had only previously read about.

“Accompanied with the faded classical music of a distant film, the thoughtfully composed orchestral circle of perpetual canon (2014) by Cornelia Parker struck me as an almost ethereal way to fill a space. The circle was placed in a rectangular room, meaning that in the width, one had to be careful to not touch the ghostly installation and was only able to view it from a close perspective at times. These forced viewpoints with the visual and auditory nature of the piece allowed a more personal connection to the art, and an ease when creating a narrative.”

Molly L6

“We enjoyed seeing pieces that we have studied previously from artists such as Rothko, Waterhouse, and Heron. It is an entirely different experience to see these pieces in real life which allowed us to further appreciate the artists’ processes and showed the pieces in a different perspective.”

Flora and Ariella U6

“It was mesmerising, informative and inspirational. It left me with many new thoughts about the world around us.” 

Aimee L6


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