Gold Award for the CCF at the Cambrian Patrol

Gold Award for the CCF at the Cambrian Patrol

20th Jun 2019

In a superb display of grit, determination and professionalism, the TWGGS CCF team participating in this year’s Cambrian Patrol in March was awarded the Best National Patrol statue for the second year running, as well as reaping one of the few Gold Awards presented.

The annual Cambrian Patrol is the most prestigious cadet national field craft skills event in the country and is contested by regional finalists of the highest calibre. The teams of eight cadets must complete an arduous course within twelve hours, rising at 4.00am to prep for the day and finishing by 6.30pm. Teams trek for over 30km over difficult terrain, wearing trackers to ensure they don’t follow roads or known pathways, but take the more gruelling cross-country route. Amidst this challenging hike are various checkpoints that have to be reached, at which military skills are tested.

This year, the task was made all the more challenging by the efforts of Storm Hannah to blow the cadets off course! Despite it being early spring, they endured a wind chill factor of -4°C while making precarious river crossings, scrambling up steep banks and crawling through freezing mud, all while carrying full equipment and weapons, webbing, water and daysacks. Undeterred by the conditions, the TWGGS team were praised at every turn for their strong morale and resilience, with the visiting Brigadier from the Welsh Infantry Battalion mistaking them for a regular Army unit.

All in all, this was the most testing of weekends for our winning team. Their success is an indication of not only the hard work that went into their preparation for the event, but also the standards and values that the girls learn from both the school and the CCF unit. So impressed were the organisers of the event by our unit’s success, that TWGGS has been invited to send two teams next year.

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