PTA Quiz Night on 27th May

29th Apr 2021

We’re pleased to announce that we are holding another Quiz Night and we would love you to come along.  To be honest, we had hoped to announce a real life, in the flesh, face-to-face Quiz Night by now – we really miss the hall! – but sadly not yet.  

So we’re sticking with the virtual online Zoom Quiz.  The last one just before Christmas was great and we had lots of positive feedback, so we’re expecting this one to be fab too.  We think it makes a real difference having professional hosts and so we are very happy to welcome our usual quizmasters, Bob and Bruce back for another go.

Here are the details:

When: Thursday 27th May, 7.30pm to 10pm-ish

Where:  Your house. Or at someone else’s (if you can within the guidelines).  We'll email you the link a couple of days before the event.

How: Bob and Bruce, on a screen. Our regular quizmasters will be running the quiz, with their usual range of subject areas. There will be an answer sheet, and scoring, and again you'll be marking your own, so no cheating please!

Who: Teams of Household/Household + . You are welcome to join with other groups to make a team, virtually or in person (Covid-compliantly, obviously). Or just play with you the people who normally sit on your sofa with you!

Price: £15 per household. Buy tickets now at

Booze: Yes, absolutely! Or not. This is obviously very much a BYO event, and we will be.

Prizes: Glory only this time, plus the chance to beat the teachers.

Questions:  Email Sioban

Thank you for your support. We know that Zoom quizzes are a bit last year, but there are limited to what we are able to do, and as ever, all the money we raise goes to support our daughters' education



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