PTA Sponsored Walk/Run/Cycle/Swim/Row!

6th Oct 2020

The TWGGS biennial sponsored walk  is usually a big fundraiser for the school, and we are hoping you will be able to get behind it, because TWGGS still needs our support, perhaps now more than ever.

What is the Sponsored Walk/Run/Cycle/Swim/Row?

Instead of the 4 mile walk we usually do, we would like all the TWGGS pupils to record independently the distance they run/walk/cycle/swim/row between now and the end of half term.  They ask for sponsors and collect sponsorship money to reflect that effort, like normal.

How will it work?

1) Pupils ask for sponsor money on either a per km basis or as a lump sum. 

2) They record the distance they have exercised, and after the half term holiday they submit their total recorded distance to their form tutor who collates the figures. 

3) Pupils also take a photo of their exercising endeavours, perhaps in a theme or fancy dress, and submit them to a nominated creative class leader who will create a collage of the whole class exercising.

4) Pupils collect their sponsorship money.  This should then be transferred by an adult directly to the PTA account with pupil surname and form as reference by 14th November. Details to follow in a separate Parentmail.

5) Prizes are awarded by the PTA for the form who records the greatest combined distance and creates the best collage.

When is it happening?

Get exercising right now – until midnight October 31st. Sponsorship money to be paid in before 14th November please.  You can include your walk to and from school!

The only other things we ask are that all Walking/Running/Cycling/Swimming/Rowing is completed in compliance with government guidelines on limiting the spread of Covid-19, and that all exercise is done sensibly and above all safely.

Thank you for reading this far and for encouraging and supporting your child in this sporting fundraising event.  We know that times are difficult for some people, so we appreciate all donations, large and small.

Best wishes



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