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Sports Hall Campaign

Building the health and achievement of pupils of all abilities

We are delighted to confirm that our brand new multi-purpose sports hall has been completed. This is a fantastic addition to our school, replacing the outdated original gymnasium and allowing for a full and varied curriculum to be taught year-round in PE.

Unfortunately, we are unable to access Government funding for this build; while we have budgeted carefully to allow us to set aside well over half of the funding for this project, we are still looking for the support of our parents and friends to allow us to fully fund this project. We have already received generous support from the TWGGS PTA.

From new indoor courts and a gymnastics area, to a mirrored dance studio and new changing rooms, the whole facility greatly enhances the school experience of every TWGGS pupil. This additional space also provides flexibility for wider school activity.  In late May and June when most sport takes place outside, the sports hall offers a peaceful, dedicated location for the main public exams.  The rest of the school will no longer be disrupted during this period.

We are following in the tradition of the tremendous support that we have had in the past, allowing us to build the Performing Arts Centre and our wonderful Sixth Form block (the Hazell Building). Just as previous parents have left their legacy for current pupils to benefit from, we are appealing to current parents to similarly donate.

If you would like to donate, please click on this link to our Sports Hall Campaign leaflet, which sets out how you can easily make a difference.

For further information on the project, or to ask any questions, please email Mrs Julie Robinson, thecampaign@twggs.kent.sch.uk

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