Senior Pupil Team

A welcome to TWGGS from our Senior Pupil Team

From Year 7 to Sixth Form, TWGGS provides a welcoming and nurturing community that enables pupils to thrive both socially and academically. The special community spirit at TWGGS is reinforced by a vast range of extra-curricular activities including clubs and societies, charitable fundraisers, field trips and school performances that encourage pupils to grow into the best versions of themselves and prepare them for life outside of school. This is facilitated by a team of dedicated and passionate teachers, pastoral care and support staff, whom we have found to be extremely encouraging throughout our time at the school. 

Our motto “give your best” gives an aim to all pupils, as the true meaning behind it inspires us to have ambition in all of our work, instilled by the use of the word ‘give’ instead of ‘do’ which would otherwise imply simply getting the work done. Giving your best is a process that requires effort and dedication, which we value as a school. Giving your best can also refer to your behaviour towards others, or your contribution to a team, something which all pupils at TWGGS are strongly encouraged to do. These attributes are all things we believe gives pupils a sense of belonging at our school, creating the happy and friendly environment we are all so proud of.

Here at TWGGS, there is always something exciting to get involved with, including  our Combined Cadet Force, which was the only state girls’ CCF in the country when it began in 2012 and remains the largest female contingent, nationally. This year there have been new start-ups such as the Ethnic Inclusivity Forum, Gay Straight Alliance (GSA) and the Legacy Project, a collaboration with The Skinners’ School which was a dialogue on issues such as consent, sexism and feminism.   

After the last few years, we want to re-emphasise the importance of TWGGS pupils’ participation in our school community and wider local and national communities through clubs, volunteering and charity work, connections and activities that have been missed throughout the isolation of the Covid-19 pandemic. It has been a real pleasure to see our school community thrive after this extended period and we are excited to see what the next year will bring.

Nellie Ash (Head Girl)

Amelia Aves (Deputy Head Girl)

Lottie John (Deputy Head Prefect)


How Prefects Support the School

Year 12 pupils with ambitions to represent TWGGS go through an application process to obtain a Senior Prefect role. Following a written application and a teacher-student vote, 32 pupils are allocated a prefect role each year according to their strengths. Around 7-10 are selected to interview for the position of Head Girl: 2 pupils will then be appointed Deputy Head Girl, and one Head Girl.

The Head Girl Team has the unique role of acting as a bridge between staff members and sixth form pupils. As well as representing the school, the Head Girl Team read notices and passages in assemblies, give speeches on open days, assist the headteacher and leadership team in any way required, and most importantly act as role models to younger pupils. They are assisted by the Senior Officers to achieve the smooth and efficient running of the prefect system.

The School Council Prefects help to run the council, which is made up of pupils from all years, and meets monthly to discuss topics of interest to TWGGS girls. This encompasses practical issues, for example recycling and school meals, as well as broader social concerns, such as social media and mental health. We have recently introduced ‘Phone Free Friday’, on pupils are encouraged to participate in clubs and form activities. This year, one of our key aims is to tackle stress and anxiety around the exam season.

Music, art, drama and sport are subject-specific prefect roles available to the most enthusiastic and committed pupils to these departments. Their assistance proves invaluable to the functioning of each department; for example, the music prefects help to run school concerts and extra-curricular chamber groups and choirs, while sports prefects help to lead lunchtime clubs, organise school teams and help to run sports day.

Current Head Girl Team and Senior Prefects 2021-2022

Position Pupils
Head Girl Freya C
Deputy Head Girl

Lili W

Beth S

Senior Officers

Isabelle G

Ruby M-Y

Kate de P

Daisy H

Abigail C

Bryony F

Emily B

Willow T

Maria P

Florence R

Sixth Form Prefects

Freya St P

Charlotte M

Isabel F

Key Stage 3 Prefects

Gracie H

Carla B

Daisy O

Key Stage 4 Prefects

Amy C

Isobel C

Charities Prefects

Maya K-D

Katy H

Charlotte H

Isabel B

Sports Prefects

Rose L

Sophie C

Matilda R

Environment & Sustainability Prefects

Isabel B

Christabel B N

School Council and PTA Prefects

Lydia D

Ishbel E

Careers Prefect

Kylie W

Isabella G-S

Music Prefect

Sophia L

Florence G

Drama Prefect

Lucy M

Amelia T

Ash M

Art Prefect

Jasmine B

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