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Maths GCSE
Specification: Edexcel

GCSE Mathematics is now a three year course that starts at the beginning of Year 9. It is divided into two tiers of entry; all five sets are entered for the higher tier with all examinations being taken at the end of Year 11. There are three examination papers, the first of which is a non-calculator paper, followed by two calculator papers. Each paper is 1½ hours long and cover curriculum material ranging from Level 4 to 9 (previously Grade C to A*, although Level 9 is higher). There is no coursework or controlled assessment for GCSE Mathematics.

The KS4 curriculum builds on the work covered at KS3 when the GCSE programme started. The course is designed to develop thinking skills to solve mathematical problems, which is promoted in the new curriculum, and tested in the three GCSE papers. Pupils in set A1 also have access to an extension award which will be similar to the AQA Further Mathematics Level 2 award which is due to change in 2018. This is designed to give talented pupils a taste of A Level Mathematics. Many Sixth Form pupils have reflected back on this award saying that it helped them prepare for the transition into A Level. Success at GCSE usually means there is a considerable amount of interest in studying Mathematics at A Level.

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