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German GCSE
Specification: AQA

In Years 10 and 11, it is compulsory to study at least one modern language from French, German or Spanish.

During the course pupils are encouraged to work independently at comprehension skills and to learn vocabulary regularly: dictionaries are not allowed in the examination, and translation is an important part of the assessment. The examination consists of four skill areas: Listening, Reading, Speaking and Writing. The language content will prepare pupils to cope with everyday situations and to communicate effectively when travelling abroad. Pupils will be advised on revision techniques using CD Roms, videos, websites and conventional guides as appropriate, and will have conversation sessions with our intern language assistants. All skills are tested as part of a final examination.

Enrichment Activities: There will be the opportunity to take part in the Exchange with Clara-Fey-Gymnasium in Bonn. Approximate cost £280.

With further training, pupils could go into a job related to languages such as teaching, translating, or may wish to use a German qualification to study or work abroad in a number of different professions.

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