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Economics GCSE
Specification: OCR

Economics is a relevant, academic and challenging subject, which investigates and analyses real world issues. The course will include:

  • How resources are allocated
  • How prices are determined in a free market
  • How producers interact with consumers
  • The operation of businesses
  • The role of government in an economy
  • Issues such as unemployment and inflation
  • The developing world

Economics will give pupils an understanding of the British economy in a globalized world and might prove useful for career options such as banking, accountancy, law, marketing, and advertising. It might also attract those willing to become a successful entrepreneur!

The examination involves two written papers to be taken at the end of Year 11. They will include data response work and multiple choice questions.

Lessons are taught formally but there is ample opportunity for girls to ask questions and debate the effects of political decisions on all parts of society and what this may mean for the world economy e.g. Brexit. Relevant current events are constantly used to show the actions of theory in a real world setting. Girls must be able to write accurately and in detail; they must also be at ease with mathematical logic and good basic skills in order seriously to pursue this subject, as well as having an interest in current affairs.

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