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Drama GCSE
Specification: AQA
Component 1: Understanding Drama 40%
Component 2: Devising Drama 40%
Component 3: Texts in Practice 20%

GCSE Drama is suited to pupils interested in the practical and theoretical exploration of plays, themes, situations and relationships. Although the focus is largely on performance, there are opportunities to learn about stage lighting and set design for those pupils who wish to do so. Group work is an essential element of this course, as is a commitment to attend after school rehearsals, so it is essential that girls feel comfortable working collaboratively.

Pupils will be carefully prepared for the written examination, ensuring they feel confident writing on Arthur Miller’s “The Crucible” and live theatre (following a London theatre trip of our choice). Practical sessions, teacher led activities and practice papers will ensure girls enjoy the process of preparing for this aspect of the course in a lively and stimulating manner.

The practical units require a disciplined and enthusiastic approach to rehearsal. Given the time allocated to GCSE Drama (5 hours a fortnight), pupils should enjoy the prospect of working with likeminded individuals passionate about performance.

The course will appeal to those who enjoy the theatre, like devising their own plays and want to develop their acting repertoire. Transferable skills, including public speaking, developing confidence and teamwork, should not be overlooked as key benefits of this GCSE. Pupils are invited to participate in workshops with professional actors and practitioners to enrich their understanding and enjoyment of the subject.

1 (40%) Understanding Drama (written)
Pupils will explore a range of drama, including one set text and live theatre, in order to answer a range of questions in a final written examination.
1 ¾ hour written exam (80 marks). Pupils are allowed to take notes into the examination.
2 (40%) Devising Drama (Practical)
Pupils will devise and perform a piece of original drama, keeping a log of the process so that they can complete a written evaluation of the work carried out.
Devising log (60 marks) Devised performance (20 marks) is marked by teachers and moderated by AQA.
3 (20%) Texts in Practice (Practical)
Pupils will perform 2 extracts from one published play.
Final performance (50 marks) is examined by AQA.

Pupils may wish to take this course to develop their skills of confidence and creativity, broadening their understanding of the Arts as a whole. In addition, girls who take this course commonly use it as a stepping stone to prepare for an A Level in Drama and Theatre Studies. With further, bespoke training pupils could embark on a career working in film, television or theatre industries. They may also like to look at joining a theatre group to increase drama and theatre experience.

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