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TWGGS Old Girls

Old Girls’ Statement

We are a group of ex pupils who are keen to maintain links with the school and former members of staff and pupils of all years. We encourage others to do the same and enjoy an extended network to keep our school memories alive, hopefully maintaining old friendships and creating new ones along the way.

We aim to meet once a term, with an open meeting once a year which will be advertised in advance via the school website.

TWGGS OG objectives:

  1. A vehicle for collecting and sharing information about ex staff and pupils.
  2. To organise events and reunions for all ex pupils and staff.
  3. To provide contact points for old girls to link together via social media, e.g. Facebook.
  4. To provide support to 6th Form Leavers via bursaries.
  5. To keep old girls up to date with current school news and activities.