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Theatre Studies Advanced GCE

This two year, linear course will be enjoyable and stimulating for those who are interested in gaining a wider knowledge and understanding of the theatre. It provides the opportunity to develop practical skills alongside a critical written response.

Theatre Studies has become a very popular choice for Sixth Form pupils as it combines the development of oral presentation skills, increasingly focused on by universities as an alternative to the traditional essay, with written analysis. GCSE Drama is a useful preparation for the course but we also welcome pupils without this foundation, who can demonstrate a sustained interest in and/or experience of theatre.

The course is full and varied. It does demand personal commitment and engagement from the pupil as it involves group work and individual study. Participation in extra-curricular drama activities is invaluable in the development of practical skills and is therefore actively encouraged by the department.

A Level Course Outline:

Component 1: Drama and Theatre, (40% of A-level) 3 hour open book written examination

Pupils will demonstrate their Knowledge and understanding of drama and theatre through the study of two set plays and the work of live theatre makers

Component 2: Creating Original Drama, (30% of A-level) working notebook (40 marks) and final performance (20 marks)

Pupils will devise and perform a piece of original drama performance of devised drama, influenced by the work and methodologies of one prescribed practitioner

Component 3: Making Theatre, (30% of A-level) performance of extract (40 marks) and reflective report (20 marks)

Practical exploration and interpretation of three extracts from different plays; methodology of a prescribed practitioner must be applied to Extract 3 which is to be performed as a final assessed piece

Enrichment Activities:

The course requires that pupils see a number of productions over the two-year period. Workshops with professional actors and practitioners will also be offered to enrich the pupils’ experience and understanding of performance, as will support with Drama School applications and interview preparation. The cost of theatre trips varies but approximately £70 needs to be budgeted. Three play texts will need to be purchased at approximately £8 each.

Theatre Studies is a suitable preparation for a wide range of careers. Problem-solving, analytical and negotiation skills become highly developed and are demanded by a number of professions ranging from law, the media, teaching, public service, marketing and administration. It is, of course, an excellent preparation for a career in the theatre, entertainment and arts industries in a number of capacities – not just acting. Most universities, including Oxford and Cambridge, accept the AQA Theatre Studies A Level as a suitable preparation for an Arts degree.

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