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Chemistry AS/A2 Level
What will you be learning?

Chemistry is a science affecting every aspect of modern life. Studying Chemistry at A Level is both relevant and interesting. Salter’s AS/A2 Level Chemistry course also helps to develop a logical and methodical approach to problem solving which is highly valued not only within science disciplines but in many other fields of higher study or employment. Potential pupils should be able to obtain a good grade in Double or Triple Award Science but the main requirement is an enthusiasm for, and enjoyment of, the subject. The desire to know the answer to the question ‘Why?’ typifies a good Chemistry pupil.

This is a very accessible course that relates Chemistry to its everyday roots and has a high practical content. This course suits those pupils who are prepared to play an active role in their own learning and involves a variety of teaching styles encompassing experimental, research, presentation and problem solving based activities.

This specification is uniquely different from other A Level specifications because:

  • It starts from applications and develops the theory as required
  • It introduces chemical topics in one unit and revisits them in later units
  • All external units in the examinations ask all the questions in context
  • There is an advance notice passage included in the AS unit which can be studied, researched and discussed by pupils well in advance of the unit test
  • A2 pupils undertake a four week chemical investigation of their own choice


Chemistry for life.
The Elements of Life and Developing Fuels.
1 hour written paper

Chemistry of Natural Resources.
Elements from the Sea, The Atmosphere and The Polymer Revolution.
1 hour 45 minute written paper.

Chemistry in Practice
An internal assessment.


Chemistry of Materials
The Materials Revolution, The Thread of Life, The Steel Story and What’s in a Medicine?
1 hour 30 minute written paper.

Chemistry by Design
Colour by Design, The Oceans, Medicines by Design and Agiculture and Industry.
2 hour written paper.

Individual investigation.

When? Start date: September.
Duration: 2 years.
How is it delivered? Full-time.
Availability: Current and continuing.
Time Slot: Daytime.

Who can do it? Age range: 16 - 19.

What will you be working towards?
Qualification: OCR Level 3 Advanced GCE in Chemistry B (500/2189/8).
Awarding Body: OCR.
Type: A2 Level.
Sector: Science .

Qualification: OCR Level 3 Advanced Subsidiary GCE in Chemistry B (500/2256/8).
Awarding Body: OCR.
Type: AS Level.
Sector: Science .

What happens when you have finished?
You could take this course to complement other advanced level courses such as Biology or to prepare for the A2 part of an Advanced GCE in Chemistry, which could lead onto higher education in science related subjects or more general higher education courses.

Career prospects and further education courses that are accessible through AS/A2 Level Chemistry are very diverse in nature. They range from pure chemistry, pharmacology and biochemistry to subjects such as art, archaeology and law. Chemistry is essential for anyone wishing to study medicine, veterinary science and dentistry, and it is highly recommended for physiotherapy. It is an interesting fact that 80% of all Chemistry degree graduates find themselves working for financial institutions, which have deliberately sought chemists because of their analytical and problem solving skills.

You could also go straight into a job as the AS GCE is a recognised qualification that will help you to develop the basic skills, understanding and knowledge that many employers across lots of industries are looking for.

You could take this course with other advanced level courses, which overlap with Chemistry such as Biology, Applied Science, Physics, Geography, or more general subjects that may not relate to the sciences, to prepare for higher education.

Where Can I Find More Information?
To find out more about this qualification, contact our Admissions Manager at or by phone on 01892 520902, ask your Connexions Personal Adviser or school/college careers staff.

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